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    > Henry Markram on a TED talk video

    10717193-interconnected-neurons-transferring-information-with-electrical-pulses.jpgOur young brain, that of the homo-sapiens (“wise man” in Latin) is just about 100,000 years old. This newly evolved organ endows us with unique creative capabilities that no other living creature has. We invented spoken language and later writing (5000 years ago), art (30,000 years ago) and science (3500 years ago). We constantly develop new tools that overcome our physical limitations – telescopes (“far-seeing”), microscopes (“small-seeing”), airplanes, computers, cell phones, the Internet, to name but a few of the most obvious. In the last 100 years or so, the scientific discipline provided a dramatic new understanding of life itself (deciphering the human genome) and of the fundamental laws governing the universe (theory of relativity). Despite an explosive population growth, science has found new ways to increase our lifespan, which is expected to cross an average of 100 years during the 21st century.

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