The many aspects of Cartography

FINAL-WORLD--300x300.jpgThree stages in the history of Greek cartography invite us to reflect on the nature and power of these drawings that made the ‘inhabited world’ both visible and thinkable. Maps reflect, above all, our specific ways of seeing and our intellectual practices. Through graphic mediation, the latter aim to subject the world to a geometrical order or trace the progression of the quest for knowledge and wisdom. The history of cartography cannot avoid a fundamental question : Why is our representation of space graphic ?

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Translating the City

15906137-city-landscape.jpgWhat is a city? Does this word describe a contemporary reality, a human invention dating back several thousand years, or the eternal pursuit of a fantasy built space, both just and beautiful? And when we say city in Capetown or in Mumbai, cidade in Rio de Janeiro, ciudad in Medellin, città in Naples or ville in Lyon, are we talking about the same reality? This is precisely the question.

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