Êtes-vous en sécurité face aux cibercriminels ?

images-2-1-300x92.jpegIndividus, entreprises, organisations, institutions, États, nul n’est à l’abri des menaces que font peser sur nous l’usage malveillant du numérique. Symbole de la révolution informationnelle, Internet est certes un puissant catalyseur des possibles, mais il est aussi un facteur de risques majeurs auxquels nous sommes tous exposés.

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Crime, Conflict and Security in Cyberspace

Today, cyberspace is where new forms of criminality are being exploited; and cyberspace has become the economic and military battlefield where conflicts of all kinds are played out. The ability to control information and telecommunication infrastructure, to respond to cyberattacks and to ensure cybersecurity offers real power and has become one of the most significant political, economic and technological issues of this twenty-first century. Information and communication technologies (ICT) have grown to become a critical part of our society’s infrastructure, and their potential misuse affects us all, from the individual citizen to private and public organizations and states. thus cyberpower has become the newest means for organisations – both legitimate and criminal – to demonstrate their capabilities.

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