The true nature of concrete

21026047-abstract-geometric-background-of-the-concrete.jpgSlabs of stone and concrete in the ocean coast landscape. At the start of the 1960s the works of architecture in béton brut inspired by the masterpieces of Le Corbusier and the question of Brutalism are at the center of the international debate, and the work of Louis Isadore Kahn becomes the focus of critics investigating the nature of his concrete.

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Le Corbusier, a revised vision of his work


Published by the EPFL website on 12.14.11
Roberto Gargiani unveils a different vision of Switzerland’s most famous architect - Le Corbusier. Published at EPFL Press.

Roberto Gargiani, professor at EPFL’s Theory and History of Architecture Laboratory 3, has spent the last six years carefully studying Le Corbusier’s lesser-known archives and visiting the buildings he designed from 1940 to his death in 1965 with his research assistant and co-author Anna Rosellini. A different Corbusier comes into focus; poet, mystic, philosopher and artist.

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