La doxa des déplacements

17934852-highly-detailed-planet-earth-at-night-with-embossed-continents-illuminated-by-light-of-cities-transl.jpgDepuis une cinquantaine d’années, la doxa de l’analyse des déplacements s’est progressivement construite à travers des méthodes de prévision de trafic et des modèles de prédiction, de façon très pointue, méthodique et précise, mais aussi de façon très étroite. La question du « choix modal» en est sans doute le meilleur exemple.

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SustainCity project

18240716-ecology-concept--save-earth.jpgAs the rapid pace of urbanization has tilted the balance of the Earth's population to urban places, the challenges of planetary sustainability are increasingly likely to be addressed through efforts to make urban regions more sustainable. The research project emerged in response to an increasingly urgent need to develop analysis and decision-support tools that can assist local and regional governments in coordinating the planning of infrastructure investments and urban development to reduce their carbon footprint substantially, while assuring that their prosperity can grow efficiently and equitably.

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Translating the City

15906137-city-landscape.jpgWhat is a city? Does this word describe a contemporary reality, a human invention dating back several thousand years, or the eternal pursuit of a fantasy built space, both just and beautiful? And when we say city in Capetown or in Mumbai, cidade in Rio de Janeiro, ciudad in Medellin, città in Naples or ville in Lyon, are we talking about the same reality? This is precisely the question.

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